TechMission Real Impact Stories

Jonathan Musgrove's Story: Hands-On Training Was 'Essential'

Two years ago, in the beginning of 2010, Jonathan Musgrove was abusing drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. He remembers, “I sacrificed everything to stay high.” His unstable lifestyle brought him to isolation: “My fiancé and son required too much of me, so I left. My parents couldn’t handle my deceitfulness, and they kicked me out.” Basically homeless, six months into the year, he stepped into Scranton Rescue Mission for a meal. Here, he encountered God’s love and faithfulness, and, after speaking with a chaplain, heard about the Mission’s residential recovery program.

Jeff Kolsch's Story: Loving the Poor

Jeff Kolsch knew he wanted to work in Christian ministry helping the poor, like at a rescue mission. After becoming the director of Donor Relations at the NYC Rescue Mission he found out City Vision College was part of AGRM. He thought it’d be helpful to enroll in order to further his education and continue his work in a field he loves. Like most people who enroll, he was attracted to CVC’s course material on rescue missions, it was affordable, and it was online. He graduated with a B.A. in Missions, Administration, and Operations.