In the past 10 years, TechMission...

  • Matched 72,821 volunteers through & programs
  • Funded 580 full-time AmeriCorps Members & interns for ministries serving over 24,000 at-risk youth and other populations through City Vision Internships and TechMission Corps
  • Served over 11 million unique visitors through our websites
  • Provided accredited college courses with 943 students taking 3,102 courses through City Vision University
  • Provided $74 million in resources to sites only spending $12 million (616% return on investment)


TechMission Real Impact Stories

When Faith Meets Business and Food: Jeff Cook '16


For Jeff Cook, Food Services Director of Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs, CO, there are three parts that make up his life story—before Christ, after Christ, and understanding what it means to walk in Christ. As a successful businessman who worked in the food services industry for over 25 years, Cook has come to understand and experience the notion that business and faith do not have to be separate.


The Made to Love Difference: Tony Harris' Story

tony-harris.jpgTony Harris, founder and director of Made to Love, an all-volunteer nonprofit that creates jobs and funds education for children in Haiti, was a full time fireman who had hopes of sending a few children in Haiti to school. When he decided to complete his own undergraduate degree, he took courses that fit his time and finances but did not seem to quite fit his desire to do something that helped send those children to school. “Inexperienced, lacked direction, knowledge, and tools,” are the words he uses to describe himself before attending City Vision University.

Sharon Lockwood's Story: City Vision Gave Her More Knowledge and Understanding

Before Sharon Lockwood enrolled at City Vision College, she was working as Director at the Central WY Rescue Mission’s Transformation Center, a center for homeless women and children. What attracted her to City Vision was its faith-based foundation, and that, similar to Sharon, many of the instructors had experience working with the homeless and addicts. She says, “Many of [them] had worked at homeless shelters and understood the dynamics involved with working with this particular population.

Corey Hicks' Story: Better Equipped to Serve the Inner City

Corey Hicks' Photo

Before Corey Hicks enrolled at City Vision College, he received a degree in Biblical Studies from the School of Urban Missions. He eventually heard from a friend about City Vision, and he was attracted to the college's practicality and hands-on experience that was necessary for him to become an effective urban minister. He later graduated from City Vision and received a degree in Missions in 2008.

TechMission News

Free MOOC Launched on Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education

Udemy LogoAndrew Sears, our President and Executive Director, has turned his doctoral work on disruptive innovation in higher education into a free MOOC with over 5 hours of content available on Udemy, iTunes U, YouTube & Slideshare. Over 1000 people have taken the course on Udemy so far.

Featured in Christensen Institute Blog

clayton-christensen.pngAndrew Sears, our President and Executive Director, was invited to write two posts for the Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation's blog post. In these he laid out a strategy for unbundling and rebundling degrees to make college more affordable and accessible around the world.

City Vision Featured in Forbes

434c5783-forbes-logo-svg_03b00v03a00v000In January 2016, City Vision launched a new $5,000 bachelor's degree path in partnership with Saylor (a major US MOOC provider) and Qualifi (a UK-based awarded organization). This drew coverage from Forbes online, since it presents an alternative to the expense of more traditional degrees.

Read the TechMission Case Study


Harvard Business School has widely popularized helping students learn by publishing case studies. TechMission was featured in a Case Study by three Northeastern Professors: Susan Seiloff, Ray, Kennunen and Robert Young.
The case study, titled "TechMission: Jesus, Justice and Technology", was published in the Case Research Journal. You can read the case study here.

The Tech Poverty Fighter: Christianity Today Profiles Andrew Sears, TechMission and City Vision University

7th cityTechMission's Executive Director, Andrew Sears, explains in Christianity Today's latest online issue why Christians need to use technology to fight poverty. "Christians often resist technology," he said. "We are fighting battles against injustice, but are using antiquated tools. It's like the other side has tanks and jet planes, and Christians are fighting with sticks."