Dr. Andrew Sears

Dr. Andrew Sears, Executive Director, TechMission; President, City Vision University

Andrew is the founder and Executive Director of TechMission, and the President of City Vision University. He grew up in an inner-city environment, and was the son of a Baptist preacher in a Black storefront church in Kansas City (Andrew's testimony). He later received his MS in Technology and Policy and MS in Computer Science at MIT, and a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University. While at MIT, he co-founded the Internet and Telecoms Consortium, a multi-million dollar research group, with one of the fathers of the Internet. After MIT he did Internet consulting to companies including St. Paul Venture Capital and Sprint.  He and his wife Heather and sons Zeke and Ezra live in Quincy, MA and are active in their local church.


Victoria Queen, Dean of School of Business / Nonprofit Management, City Vision University

As City Vision's Dean of School of Business / Nonprofit Management, Victoria Queen provides oversight over academics, faculty, and students in our Business, Nonprofit Management, and Technology and Social Entrepreneurship programs. She also works on partnerships for those programs with other institutions.

Lynda Mitton

Lynda Mitton, Addiction Studies Department Chair, City Vision University

Lynda Mitton is the Addiction Studies Department Chair for City Vision University. Lynda has over 15 years experience in the area of addiction counseling and clinical supervision in outpatient and residential settings. Most recently her professional experience includes teaching and curriculum development in the areas of general psychology and addiction psychology.

Harriet Hodge-Henry

Harriet Hodge-Henry, Director of Operations

Harriet is responsible for overseeing the functions of the Business Office. She previously worked as an administrative supervisor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the New England Medical Center. She also worked at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Accounting Department. She was a production manager at Digital Equipment Corporation in Roxbury, MA. Harriet is an active member of her church – The Gathering Christian Fellowship – and she also is the director and founder of a youth organization – The Kids Klub of Roxbury. Harriet received her BS in Operations Management from the University of New Haven.

Evan Donovan

Evan Donovan, Chief Operating Officer, City Vision; Director of Technology, TechMission

Evan serves as Chief Operating Officer for City Vision University, working with Andrew on the college's business processes, reporting, and financial aid. He also serves as Director of Technology for TechMission, in which capacity he  manages TechMission's websites and many of its internal IT systems. He previously served as Web Developer for TechMission, and before that was TechMission's Online Publications Editor.

He is active in his local church, Christ the King Dorchester, has a BA in English from Covenant College, and is currently a master's student in City Vision's Technology & Social Entrepreneurship program.

Traci Hedlund

Traci Hedlund, Financial Aid / Accounts Manager

Traci Hedlund joined TechMission in 2018 to serve as the Financial Aid / Accounts Manager. She has also served as a developer for JB Systems, creator of MissionTracker, a case management solution for rescue missions.

Nancy Young, Director of Admissions

Nancy is responsible for communicating with potential City Vision University students and assisting them with the admissions process. Nancy received her BS in Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University and received her BS in Addiction Studies at City Vision University in July 2013. She presently lives and works in Missouri. 

Rachael Jarboe


Rachael Jarboe, Director of Student Services, City Vision University

Rachael works primarily in assisting City Vision University students with all types of student support from technical to financial aid. She also helps with technical support for other TechMission projects.

Prior to her appointment as Director of Student Services, she served TechMission as a Volunteer Coordinator. Rachael received her BA in Interdisciplinary Missions and Music from Nyack College in 2002, followed by her MA in Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies from Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary in 2004. Rachael lives in Maryland where she is an active member of Our Father's House, Assemblies of God church, where she serves as the outreach and missions coordinator.

Christiana Gunn

Christiana Gunn, City Vision Internship Coordinator

Christiana joined TechMission in 2017 as the Internship Coordinator for the City Vision Internships program. She works with sites all over the United States to assist them in placing City Vision interns, and helps potential interns find a good match for their interests and skills. 

Christiana had previously worked with TechMission as an intern in 2006-2007, working on TechMission's site.