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Death, Burial, and Resurrection: Tina Cook's Story

From Athens Now:

Tina Cook is well known in our community as the hard working Director of the Family Resource Center located on Jefferson Street, and I first met her at the monthly Chamber of Commerce coffees that are held at various businesses in our area. I immediately liked her, and one of the things that impressed me is that she is both uncommonly transparent and intensely joyful. I became aware that she has a personal “death, burial and resurrection story,” and seeing as we are coming upon the season of Resurrection and Passover, now seemed the appropriate time to tell it.

Armchair Therapist: Eric (Turbo) Qualls' Story

Much of Eric (Turbo) Qualls’ life was spent searching—searching for place and searching for his identity. Raised in Orange County, California in predominantly Anglo culture with his own mixed ethnic heritage, Qualls’ efforts were geared toward trying to reconcile his identity culturally and ethnically. His father, a black entrepreneur, raised him with an almost primal need to pass on the narrative of a black man in America to protect his children. There was no Christianity in the home, just his Christian school used as a way to “pay a good nanny” for him. As a youth, Qualls had been drawn to the punk rock protest culture—and all the partying and drugs that came with it.

Full Circle: Ryan Bobbett's Story

Throughout his life, addiction stripped Ryan Bobbett of those closest to him. At first, it was his mother who passed away due to her years of addiction when he was 3. His father, however, entered recovery and eventually remarried to give Bobbett a family again, while also becoming a pastor and addiction counselor. Although he was raised in a devout Christian family, he began to feel resentful of his parents, and began rebelling when he was 13. Not understanding his own insecurity, he started to use drugs. In order to run away from home, he joined the military at age 17. At 18, he cut ties from his family, leaving a note that said he wanted to see what the world had to offer.

Crazy to Move: Lynne Free's Internship Success

When Lynne Free graduated from college, the phrase that defined many of her post graduate plans were, “I don’t know.” Hailing from a small town in Louisiana, Free did know one thing: she wanted a paid ministry internship and a way to take theology-related courses debt free because she didn’t have the finances. After completing a quick Google search on “paid ministry internships,” she found City Vision.


When Faith Meets Business and Food: Jeff Cook '16


For Jeff Cook, Food Services Director of Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs, CO, there are three parts that make up his life story—before Christ, after Christ, and understanding what it means to walk in Christ. As a successful businessman who worked in the food services industry for over 25 years, Cook has come to understand and experience the notion that business and faith do not have to be separate.


The Made to Love Difference: Tony Harris' Story

tony-harris.jpgTony Harris, founder and director of Made to Love, an all-volunteer nonprofit that creates jobs and funds education for children in Haiti, was a full time fireman who had hopes of sending a few children in Haiti to school. When he decided to complete his own undergraduate degree, he took courses that fit his time and finances but did not seem to quite fit his desire to do something that helped send those children to school. “Inexperienced, lacked direction, knowledge, and tools,” are the words he uses to describe himself before attending City Vision University.

Sharon Lockwood's Story: City Vision Gave Her More Knowledge and Understanding

Before Sharon Lockwood enrolled at City Vision College, she was working as Director at the Central WY Rescue Mission’s Transformation Center, a center for homeless women and children. What attracted her to City Vision was its faith-based foundation, and that, similar to Sharon, many of the instructors had experience working with the homeless and addicts. She says, “Many of [them] had worked at homeless shelters and understood the dynamics involved with working with this particular population.

Corey Hicks' Story: Better Equipped to Serve the Inner City

Corey Hicks' Photo

Before Corey Hicks enrolled at City Vision College, he received a degree in Biblical Studies from the School of Urban Missions. He eventually heard from a friend about City Vision, and he was attracted to the college's practicality and hands-on experience that was necessary for him to become an effective urban minister. He later graduated from City Vision and received a degree in Missions in 2008.

Tamiko Cuellar's Story: Business- and Ministry-Minded

Tamiko Cuellar previously worked in the financial planning industry where she advised people about their finances, investments, and insurance. She admits she is “business-minded” and she knows she is called “to impact the business arena for the Kingdom of God.” At the same time, she wanted to continue to learn more about ministry. This led her to her decision to enroll at City Vision College.

Michelle Smith's Story: Internship Has Been 'Amazing'

If there was one thing Michelle Smith really needed, it was more time. Before her internship at City Vision, she worked full-time as a Collections Officer while at the same time raising a son. Her job required her to commute long miles and work late nights and weekends. She said, “It was very difficult for me being a mother, wife, and working full-time with part-time pay, having to commute on a daily basis driving over 50 miles one way to work and back home.”