Read the TechMission Case Study


Harvard Business School has widely popularized helping students learn by publishing case studies. TechMission was featured in a Case Study by three Northeastern Professors: Susan Seiloff, Ray, Kennunen and Robert Young.
The case study, titled "TechMission: Jesus, Justice and Technology", was published in the Case Research Journal. You can read the case study here.

We believe that the case study, like its title, accurately represents the core values of TechMission of Jesus, Justice and Technology. Our hope is that it will help others better understand the decisions that leaders of faith-based nonprofits encounter like 1) How do you run a Christian nonprofit organization without compromising your faith 2) How do you make strategic decisions to help grow a ministry focused on serving the poor.  

This case is one of only four cases that show up if you search for "Christian nonprofit" on the HBS Case Study website, so we are encouraged to help represent Christian nonprofits to future students learning through case studies.