In the past 10 years, TechMission...

  • Matched 69,635 volunteers through & programs
  • Funded 586 full-time AmeriCorps Members & interns for ministries serving over 24,000 at-risk youth and other populations through City Vision Internships and TechMission Corps
  • Served over 13 million unique visitors through our websites
  • Provided accredited college courses with 1,282 students taking 4,162 courses through City Vision University
  • Provided $74.6 million in resources to sites only spending $10 million (746% return on investment)


TechMission Real Impact Stories

Death, Burial, and Resurrection: Tina Cook's Story

From Athens Now:

Tina Cook is well known in our community as the hard working Director of the Family Resource Center located on Jefferson Street, and I first met her at the monthly Chamber of Commerce coffees that are held at various businesses in our area. I immediately liked her, and one of the things that impressed me is that she is both uncommonly transparent and intensely joyful. I became aware that she has a personal “death, burial and resurrection story,” and seeing as we are coming upon the season of Resurrection and Passover, now seemed the appropriate time to tell it.

Armchair Therapist: Eric (Turbo) Qualls' Story

Much of Eric (Turbo) Qualls’ life was spent searching—searching for place and searching for his identity. Raised in Orange County, California in predominantly Anglo culture with his own mixed ethnic heritage, Qualls’ efforts were geared toward trying to reconcile his identity culturally and ethnically. His father, a black entrepreneur, raised him with an almost primal need to pass on the narrative of a black man in America to protect his children. There was no Christianity in the home, just his Christian school used as a way to “pay a good nanny” for him. As a youth, Qualls had been drawn to the punk rock protest culture—and all the partying and drugs that came with it.

Full Circle: Ryan Bobbett's Story

Throughout his life, addiction stripped Ryan Bobbett of those closest to him. At first, it was his mother who passed away due to her years of addiction when he was 3. His father, however, entered recovery and eventually remarried to give Bobbett a family again, while also becoming a pastor and addiction counselor. Although he was raised in a devout Christian family, he began to feel resentful of his parents, and began rebelling when he was 13. Not understanding his own insecurity, he started to use drugs. In order to run away from home, he joined the military at age 17. At 18, he cut ties from his family, leaving a note that said he wanted to see what the world had to offer.

Crazy to Move: Lynne Free's Internship Success

When Lynne Free graduated from college, the phrase that defined many of her post graduate plans were, “I don’t know.” Hailing from a small town in Louisiana, Free did know one thing: she wanted a paid ministry internship and a way to take theology-related courses debt free because she didn’t have the finances. After completing a quick Google search on “paid ministry internships,” she found City Vision.


TechMission News

City Vision Receives Innovation Award from Pioneer Institute Along with MIT

City Vision University has received a Special Recognition Award as a part of the Better Government Competition on innovative programs in higher education. Andrew Sears, City Vision's President said, "We are honored to be selected for this award. Being selected for this award alongside global leaders like MIT, Purdue and Southern New Hampshire helps to validate our innovative model for educating students to serve at-risk communities."

Free MOOC Launched on Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education

Udemy LogoAndrew Sears, our President and Executive Director, has turned his doctoral work on disruptive innovation in higher education into a free MOOC with over 5 hours of content available on Udemy, iTunes U, YouTube & Slideshare. Over 1000 people have taken the course on Udemy so far.

Featured in Christensen Institute Blog

clayton-christensen.pngAndrew Sears, our President and Executive Director, was invited to write two posts for the Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation's blog post. In these he laid out a strategy for unbundling and rebundling degrees to make college more affordable and accessible around the world.

City Vision Featured in Forbes

434c5783-forbes-logo-svg_03b00v03a00v000In January 2016, City Vision launched a new $5,000 bachelor's degree path in partnership with Saylor (a major US MOOC provider) and Qualifi (a UK-based awarded organization). This drew coverage from Forbes online, since it presents an alternative to the expense of more traditional degrees.

Read the TechMission Case Study


Harvard Business School has widely popularized helping students learn by publishing case studies. TechMission was featured in a Case Study by three Northeastern Professors: Susan Seiloff, Ray, Kennunen and Robert Young.
The case study, titled "TechMission: Jesus, Justice and Technology", was published in the Case Research Journal. You can read the case study here.