Details on Salesforce, Drupal, and Moodle Integration

There are two primary systems which TechMission has integrated with Salesforce: Drupal's Ubercart e-commerce system and Moodle.

The Ubercart integration sends across orders to Salesforce as completed Opportunities, with linked Contacts and Accounts containing the information of the student and the purchaser. If the student and the purchaser are the same, only one record is created. The integration also syncs across all the products (typically, in our use case, courses) on an order as Course Registration records, and links them to the parent Opportunity.

The Moodle integration sends across grade and class participation information from Moodle logs to an existing Course Registration record in Salesforce. It also tracks the course logins of professors, on their own Course Registration records.

In addition to these two integrations, TechMission has set up an integration between Ubercart and Moodle where students purchase a course in Ubercart and a user account is automatically created for them in Moodle and registered for that course.

TechMission is available for consulting on how to implement any of these integrations.

Staff Expertise

Andrew SearsAndrew Sears

Previously to founding TechMission, Andrew provided consulting on new product design and technology architecture to Sprint, St. Paul Venture Capital and several internet startups. He co-founded MIT's Internet Telecoms Consortium with one of the fathers of the Internet. He has consulted with many nonprofit organizations and ministries and serves as the lead architect and project manager for TechMission's consulting projects. He is completing his doctoral degree in 2014 in disruptive innovation in Christian higher education. See the Christianity Today feature article on TechMission and Andrew Sears here.

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Evan DonovanEvan Donovan

Evan has been heavily active in the open source community for the Drupal CMS, and eventually became a maintainer for over 10 modules, some of which he developed himself. Among the modules he maintains are two for integration between Drupal and Salesforce: the Ubercart/Salesforce Integration module and the main Salesforce Suite. He has been involved in most of TechMission’s Web development projects since 2007. He has also done most of the configuration and development of TechMission’s Salesforce systems for its internships program, City Vision College, the NET Institute, the Shores Institute, and Bakke Graduate University. In addition to his work for TechMission, Evan has worked as a Drupal developer under contract to PINGV and Above the Fold Design.

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