Bill Hurula Picture

Major Bill Hurula, TechMission Board President

Major Hurula is the former Chief Financial Officer for the National Headquarters of the Salvation Army and currently serves as an Internal Auditor for The Salvation Army Western Territory. He also does financial consulting for nonprofit organizations in Western Michigan. A graduate of the Salvation Army College For Officer Training, Major Hurula has served the Salvation Army for over 40 years in numerous leadership positions across the country that updated and reorganized the Salvation Army’s financial systems. As a national project manager for the Salvation Army, Major Hurula led a national initiative called eQuip for Success, in conjunction with the Beaumont Foundation of America, to establish some 200 computer labs across the country to benefit the under-served in America. Major Hurula holds an MBA from Olivet Nazarene University.

Jonathan Carter Picture

Jonathan M. A. Carter I

Jonathan M. A. Carter I is presently serving as the Executive Officer for The Trinity Group and presently works with organizations assisting them in learning the aspects of Grant Writing, Budgeting, Program Development, Staff Development, Strategic Planning and other various areas of ministry or business development. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Academy of Health & Sciences in San Antonio Texas. Jonathan presently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and has begun the completion of his Master’s in Pastoral Counseling at the Chicagoland Christian Center Bible Institute.


Melinda Carter Picture

Melinda Carter

Melinda Carter presently serves as the Senior Executive Officer of the Trinity Group where she is working with over thirty organizations in the Chicagoland area in Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. Melinda has served as the Coordinator for a fundraising program called AppleSeed under Circle Urban Ministries (CUM) raising almost $300,000 each year. Melinda has also served as a Community Coordinator for the Wings of Hope Program, creating 100 member volunteer teams on the north and Westside of Chicago. For several years Melinda also served as the District Youth Supervisor for the Illinois District Association.

Jeremy Del Rio

Jeremy Del Rio

Jeremy Del Rio, Esq. co-founded and directs 20/20 Vision for Schools, a movement to transform public education that launched in New York City in 2008, and connects, trains, and mentors youth workers regionally through Urban Youth Workers Institute and locally as the chair of the Coalition of Urban Youth Workers. He has consulted ministries and nonprofits since 2000; and directed Generation Xcel, a holistic youth center in Manhattan, from 1996-2006. Jeremy was the founding, bivocational youth pastor at Abounding Grace Ministries (1994-2004), and also worked as a corporate attorney in New York. He has contributed to four recent books, including Deep Justice in a Broken World (Zondervan/YS 2008) and The Justice Project (Baker Books 2009), and his articles have appeared in Charisma, Willow, The Journal of Student Ministries, Relevant, and elsewhere.

Jay Gary Picture

Jay Gary

Jay Gary is the Graduate Program Director in School of Business of LeTourneau University. He previously served as the Program Director of a Master of Arts in Strategic Foresight at Regent University.  He also previously served as the Alliances Manager for the Laussanne Movement. He also served as the National Director for the Institute of International Studies, where he managed a 10-person team to develop the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, which has become the most widely used course in training Christians about global missions.
Ron McConico Picture

Ron McConico

Ron McConico is the founder and executive director of Youth Resources, a ministry that trains, equips and resources urban youth workers in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. He has taught as an Adjunct Professor at North Central University in the business department teaching MS Office products. With over 36 years of experience in urban ministry, Ron has developed technology, youth, and job skills training programs for numerous organizations. He has worked with adults and youth in developing technology and employment readiness skills. He is currently working on his Master of Arts in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship at Bakke Graduate University. As an indigenous youth worker from Minneapolis he has experienced many of the things urban youth go through. Because of his past he has made a lifetime commitment to Youth Ministry.

Brad Smith Picture

Brad Smith

Brad Smith is the President of Bakke Graduate University, which is focused on developed global, urban, transformational leaders. He previously served as the President of Leadership Network, which was founded by Bob Buford. He previously served as the Director of New Programs for the Center of Christian Leadership in Dallas Seminary. He received a Bachelor of Business Management from Texas A&M, Masters of Theology for Dallas Theological Seminary, Doctorate from Bakke University.


The Board of Regents has primary academic oversight of City Vision's programs.

Rev. James M. Harriger, Executive Director 
Victory Mission, Springfield, MO 
Rev. Perry Jones, Executive Director
Capital City Mission, Albany, NY
Dr. Jean LaCour 
NET Training Institute, Orlando, FL 
Lorraine A. Minor, Assistant Director
City Union Mission, Kansas City, MO
Rev. Mark Siegrist, Director of Education 
Denver Rescue Mission, Denver CO 
Barbara Clemenson,
Case-Western University, Euclid, OH
Fletcher L. Tink 
Mid-America Nazarene University, Olathe, KS 
Jack Leonard
University of Massachusetts-Boston, Boston, MA


The following people have agreed to play an informal advisory function for City Vision and TechMission.

Steve Nelson, Harvard Business School
Former Executive Director HBS
Former Director of HBS Social Entrepreneurship Program
Dick K. P. Yue
Founder, MIT Open Courseware
Professor, Director of International Programs, MIT
Former Associate Dean of Engineering, MIT
Daniel Hastings
Former Director, MIT Technology and Policy Program
Professor of Engineering Systems and Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT
Dean for Undergraduate Education, MIT
Lisa Cummins
President, Urban Strategies
Former Director White House Faith and Community-Based Initiatives
Brad Smith
President, Bakke University
Richard Morris
Director, Learning Technologies Missionary Aviation Fellowship
Rich Bonham
Executive Director, Greater Europe Mission
Dave Hackett
Associate Director, VisionSynergy
Tom Nurkkala
Associate Professor, Taylor University
John Dyer
Director of Web Development, Dallas Theological Seminary
Jon Hirst
President and CEO, Global Mapping International
Rev. Mark Siegrist, Director of Education 
Denver Rescue Mission, Denver CO 
Ron Hannaford
Director of Distance Learning, Biola
Tony Whittaker
Founder, Internet Evangelism Day
Web Advocate, SOON Ministries
Robert Fortner
Professor, American University, Bulgaria, Hope College
Pat Bailey
Associate Professor, Calvin College
Walker Tzeng
Chief Operating Officer, Olivet University
Heidi Campbell
Associate Professor, Texas A&M
David Bourgeois
Associate Professor, Biola University
Dan Henrich
Senior Consultant, Communication Resources International
Sas Conradie
Global Generosity Network
Drew Dickens
President/CEO, Need Him Ministries
Rudy Carrasco
US Regional Facilitator, Partners Worldwide
Justin Long
Team Mobilization and Information Specialist, Mission to Unreached Peoples